Saturday 4th Sept – Huskies vs Barons – Face-off 5.30pm

Individual game and season tickets available here:

We are getting excited for our pre-season game against Solihull Barons on Saturday; our first game since March 2020 with supporters present. Here is some useful information we would like to share:

1. Alexandra Palace have provided the following information about attending events at the venue, theatre and rink. If you have any questions (regarding Covid, or otherwise), please read this page:

2. Alexandra Palace is now a cash-free venue (ticket sales, bar, café etc).

3. As usual, you may stand at rink-side to watch the game. We must (and will) ask you to keep 1m back from the netting.

4. Huskies merchandise: For this game only, we are limiting our merch sales to the new t-shirts at a special one-off price of £10. We will return to the full merch table for future games, but just want to keep it simple for the first game back.

5. Other activities: For this game, there will be no match-night programme, chuck-a-puck nor 50/50 tickets. Again, we just want to use this first game to assess the lay-of-the-land. These activities will return for future games.

6. Please be kind to the rink staff and show patience where required. This is the first spectator event the rink has hosted for a long time and everyone is finding their feet again. Please also be kind to each other; be respectful of space and mindful of the fact that everyone has a different attitude to risk.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any further questions not covered by the above, then please drop us a line and we will answer as best as we can.

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