Your Haringey Huskies are delighted to announce that Slapshot Vintage is joining the pack for the 2021/22 season!

The UK-based company, which specialises in the resale of vintage & rare hockey jerseys from around the world, joins the club ahead of the launch of our brand new & limited edition warm-up jerseys for the 2021/22 season.

Kieran Thwaites, from Slapshot Vintage, had the following to say about the sponsorship deal between your Huskies and the :

We’re excited to begin our sponsorship deal, with one of the fastest-growing hockey teams in the country! London has had a long association with the sport of ice hockey in the past, with teams such as the Knights & Lions, invoking wonderful memories for many around the area. 

As such, we’re especially thrilled to be partnering with the Huskies for the launch of their brand new warm-up jerseys, which honour some of the past teams that have played in Haringey, such as the Greyhounds & Racers.

We look forwards to what the future holds, and are excited to work with Lee & the rest of the Huskies!

Be sure to check out the Slapshot Vintage social media channels at 6pm TONIGHT, when they will exclusively launch our brand new Key & Eagle Digital designed warm-up jerseys for this season!