It just wouldn’t be the same without him. Your Haringey Huskies are absolutely delighted to announce the re-signing of Stuart Appleby for the 2022/23 season.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that Stuart has been appointed the club’s new captain.

Stuart was a member of the inaugural Huskies team in 2017, though his association with hockey in Haringey goes back way further than that. Remarkably, since the club was formed, Stuart has played in every single Huskies game.

Stuart told us: “I am delighted to be lacing up for another season at the Palace. The team really progressed over the course of last season, and I am eager to get back on the hunt to bring some silverware back to Haringey this year.

“Since being a childhood fan, Haringey has always been home. It is an absolute honour to be named as club captain. I would also like to thank Woody for all the hard work he has put in as captain and for setting the standard we expect at the Huskies.”

Head coach Dan Sampson added: “The Mayor is back. It was always a top priority of mine to have Stu back. He is an absolute workhorse. He goes to the dirty areas, puts his body on the line and has a never say die attitude. He is a warrior on the ice, forechecks hard, skates both ways hard along with having an eye for the net. Normally first on and last off he really is a fan favourite.

“With Woody stepping down as captain this season, it was only natural that Stu takes up the role. I am excited he has accepted this and am confident he will lead the team with his performances on the ice and his role off the ice.”

Look out for our 2022/23 ‘Own and Loan’ scheme, which will be launched later in June.

Stuart’s Huskies stats:

Photos by Phil Hutchinson