Your Haringey Huskies are delighted to announce the ‘Huskies Prospects’ programme, bridging the gap between junior and senior hockey at Alexandra Palace.

The Huskies have been working closely with the Haringey Hounds junior ice hockey club to create exciting pathway opportunities for junior players to progress to the senior level. In advance of our opening league game this weekend, we are proud to announce the Huskies Prospects for the 2023/24 season:

Benet Beldecos

Alex Benson

Edward Bonn

Oliver Cooper

Ciaran Davies

Ollie Davies

Macmillan John

Ricards Misins

Billy Nyszczyj

These players will be training with the Huskies and can be called up to play games when there is no clash with their junior fixtures.

Supporters at our games against Romford Buccaneers last weekend will have been treated to seeing prospects Alex Benson and Benet Beldecos make their first appearances. They made promising starts and both the Huskies and the Hounds hope this is a sign of things to come from this talented group of youngsters.

Huskies general manager Lee Mercer said: “This has always been a long-term goal when setting up the Huskies and it is a proud moment and a great step forward for hockey in Haringey. The Hounds coaches have been doing an amazing job and the future looks very promising for ice hockey at Alexandra Palace.”

Haringey Hounds junior club chair Ildar Khafizov, and head coach Steve Potts said: “Establishing a clear and well-defined pathway from junior to senior hockey is a significant milestone for our organisation, and we couldn’t be more delighted that we’ve successfully put this into action.

“This transition from junior to senior levels is a vital component of our club’s development framework, and its importance cannot be overstated. As our young players mature and progress through the junior ranks, there inevitably comes a point where they outgrow the junior program.

“At this juncture, it’s essential for us to provide them with a well-paved road towards adult hockey, ensuring that their passion for the sport can continue to thrive.”

Huskies head coach Dan Sampson said: “Having that pathway from junior to senior hockey is really important and I am glad we now have this in place.

“Throughout the summer the juniors have shown what they are capable of and their hunger and energy is definitely rubbing off on the senior guys.
“This past weekend, it was fantastic to be able to showcase this talent with the senior debuts of Alex and Benet. The boys stepped into the weekend and never looked back. It was a great weekend for them both and a fantastic experience which will be the first of many for this talented group.”

Keep an eye out for these Prospects on the Huskies bench as we move through the season.