Tom Pink reports:

“I’ll be fascinated to see how we do across these as we laboured somewhat in the second games of our double game weekends last year.”

Ah dear.

When I wrote that in this seasons’ preview, I didn’t expect that it would be Solent Junior Devils away where we’d drop points. No offence to Solent.

I thought the Basingstoke (H)/Streatham (A), and Oxford (H)/Cardiff (A) weekends would prove much sterner tests. They still might.

The Devils finished 11th in the league the past two seasons. We beat them 7-2 at the start of 2022/23. Tom Avery and Gheorghe Dragomir bossed that game. From memory, we won the reverse fixture too. As it stands, they’re the only team to lose to Lee Valley this year.

But this highlights yet again, for anyone who still doubted it, the strength of South 2. You’ve got to be at it constantly, relentlessly if you want to get anything out of this league.

I couldn’t make it to the south coast on Sunday, but Banners On The Wall provided live updates. Their assessment of Haringey was “a bit mentally fatigued”.

It’s a shame because Saturday was lots of fun. There’s no better remedy for losing than a thumping win.

For as good as we are, Streatham allowed us to be that good. There’s time on the puck for those in black and white.

It’s a dominant Haringey right from the off. The four shots on net that Streatham muster in the first period tells you something about how this one played out.

These kinds of games are difficult to write up without them becoming just a list of goals and goal scorers, but we are where we are. Let’s not start complaining about the Huskies scoring too many goals!

It’s five goals in the first period courtesy of Messrs. Appleby, Tóth, Avery, B. Beldecos, and Boolkah.

Stu with a backhander from the right; Pete who guides it into the net from the hash marks; Tom waits and waits and waits, takes it around everyone before slotting low far side; Ben sits the goalie down in the crease; and Jaden hits a slapper from the left point after a few similar attempts.

Total domination.

I really liked James Hepburn’s shifts in the first. All energy, no let up, gets himself at assist too.

The second is very similar to the first, but Haringey make a change in net. Tom Adams gets the nod.

Streatham offer slightly more but not by much. Tom makes a couple of saves early on, before Conner gets his goal against his old club. It’s a trademark goal as he shoots low and hard far side from the right. Looked like he enjoyed that one.

He nearly gets a hold of a lob from Bryn Griffiths off the bench which would have been a tremendous goal.

Joe Tearall’s goal summed-up the night for Streatham I thought. With the Blackhawks all at sea, Joe turns over possession in centre ice and takes all five Streatham skaters out of the equation in the process. One-on-one he skates through and goes top shelf to make it 7-0.

Corey Taylor makes a lovely poke check to snuff out a 2-on-1 to deny Streatham.

Benet gets his second, a lovely shot into the top corner from the high slot. The celly in the centre was nice too.

Conner turns provider, with a great assist carrying the puck past the entire Streatham team before dropping it off to Stephen Woodford who obliges and score top corner.

With 37 seconds left in the second, Tom Avery bags another coming from behind the net to score far side from the left after the Huskies had several other chances on the power play.

Five in the first, five in the second, what would we see in the third?

Only the two goals for Haringey; a Luke Martin wrister from the right and a Joe Tearall second. Stephen plays Marton Szasz across the slot but he shoots wide, Marton then does the same for Joe who finds his mark and Haringey’s 12th goal of the night.

It’s no surprise that the old Streatham boys were the target of some grief from the Blackhawks. There’s aggro throughout the game, but eventually in the middle of the third period they get what they’re after and Conner drops the gloves.

It’s essentially target practice for Haringey towards the end. James puts it across the crease for Benet but he’s inches away from getting his hattrick.

He does however pick up player of the match, and deservedly so. Two really well taken goals and some tireless skating from the young forward.

Such a tonic for the Peterborough result; 12 goals and a shutout for both netminders. You couldn’t ask for more.

Streatham seemed a husk of the team that beat us 3-1 on the road last year. They’ve also taken a few heavy losses elsewhere. They’ve lost some players for 2023/24, obviously Conner and Joe, and I wonder whether that’s taking its toll.

For Haringey, it seems to be feast or famine at the moment. Over the last five games we’ve either scored a hatful or struggled to find twine in key moments.

We go to Chelmsford this Saturday for the re-arranged away game. The players will want to put Sunday’s result firmly behind them and get back to winning ways no doubt. After the drama in the home game against them, all bets are off as to what will play out on Saturday.

Remember, there’s no better remedy for losing than winning.

On a final note, massive congrats to Woody on his 150th appearance for Haringey on Saturday. I think I’m right in saying he’s the clubs all-time leading points and goals scorer, and he’s already scored some important goals for us so far this year with nine in seven games.

A certified fan favourite and a really important player for this club. Well done Woody, it’s a great achievement. Here’s to the next 150!